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Roofing Resources

Get your roofing questions answered here.

Two Brothers Roofing has built a strong team that have been handling residential & commercial roofs for many years. Unlike many other roofing companies, our customer experience goes above and beyond to make sure our customers have the knowledge and understanding from start to finish! 


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How can I determine if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Roof repairs can be carried out during the average 20 year lifespan but when roofing can no longer be protected from water infiltration despite regular maintenance, roof replacement may be required. Check for cracked or missing shingles and damaged flashings, or leave it to the professionals to complete a  roof inspection. 

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Do you have finance options available?

Yes!  From deferred interest promotions to affordable budget minded options, your new roof or roof repair will give you the quality roof you want with low monthly payments! A roof is a necessity and financing your project keeps more upfront cash in your pockets! We will put you on a monthly plan that is reasonable and has a 0% APR interest for the first 12 months — or 120 months with payments as low as $185/ month.


I received quotes from different companies, how do I know which one to choose?

Roofing quotes may vary due to lack of insurance, the use of subcontractors, or limited experience. Property owners are advised to carefully research a roof contractor’s

since lower quotes may indicate substandard work. We are Master Elite GAF contractors -- licensed, insured, and have been working on roofs since 2004.

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What is the best roofing system for a flat roof?

If you want to upgrade or replace your current roof, the best roofing system is dependent on detailed workmanship and the quality of materials rather than a specific system only! Talk to our professional roofers here at Two Brothers Roofing before making any final decisions about what kind of new roof installation will work best on your property. We will offer our expertise after an inspection.


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What are the benefits of a metal roof? How long do they last?

 Metal roofs are known for their durability & longevity, which makes them the best roofing material for sustainability. They require less inspections, saves energy, and are eco friendly. They are wind resistance, and attractive!It doesn’t require much maintenance as well as keeping homes cool during the HOT months!! 

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What  kind of warranties do you offer?

As a GAF Master Elite contractor we recommend our Golden Pledge limited Warranty! The Golden Pledge is the highest level of protection you can purchase. 100 percent of material defects are covered for 50 years, or 20 years for 3-Tab shingles. Installation labor costs are 100 percent covered for a lifetime; 3-Tab systems are covered for 25-30 years.

What is important to look for in a roofing contractor?

It's important to make sure they:


→ Have 10+ years of experience

→ Licensed in your area

→ Insured

→ Bonded

→ Willing to provide references

→ Willing to do a free inspection & provide estimates


Two Brothers Roofing LLC is all of the above PLUS we are GAF Master Elite certified! We offer high-quality materials — offering stylish, strong, and long-lasting roofing systems by industry leading manufacturer GAF.


We are experts for roof installation — As a GAF Master Elite roofer, our team is professionally trained to install your new roof to your satisfaction and according to best practices. We are provided ongoing trainings as a Master Elite to make sure our homeowners have the best experience. 

If you have been looking for a roofing contractor you can trust in the low country area, you found one! 

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What kind of warranties do you offer and which is the best to get?

The GAF warranties we provide for our customers include: the (System Plus)  good, (Silver Pledge) better, and (Golden Pledge) best! Our best we recommend is the Golden Pledge Warranty  because it has a 100% coverage period for material defects of up to 50 years and a 100% coverage period for workmanship defects of up to 25 years. Thats over double the coverage form the Silver Pledge warranty!

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Do you offer a veterans discount?

Yes! Two Brothers Roofing does provide a discount to our veterans! Call us for more information!

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